Vol 5, No 1 (2013)

Translation and Interpreting

Special issue on certification

Guest editor: Alan K. Melby

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Alan K. Melby 1-12


Constructive Alignment in Translator Education: Reconsidering Assessment for Both Industry and Academy PDF
Kobus Marais 13-31
A Cross-National Overview of Translator and Interpreter Certification Procedures PDF
Jim Hlavac 32-65
Universities and Interpreter Certification PDF
Holly Mikkelson 66-78
Testing Interpreters: Developing, Administering, and Scoring Court Interpreter Certification Exams PDF
Lois Marie Feuerle 79-93
Interpreting in the Gray Zone: Where Community and Legal Interpreting Intersect PDF
Marjory A. Bancroft, Lola Bendana, Jean Bruggeman, Lois Feuerle 94-113
The Development of Certification for Healthcare Interpreters in the United States PDF
Mara Youdelman 114-126
Patient Safety, Professionalization, and Reimbursement as Primary Drivers for National Medical Interpreter Certification in the United States PDF
Izabel S. Arocha, Linda Joyce 127-142
The TransCert Project: Ensuring That Transnational Translator Certification Meets Stakeholder Needs PDF
Gerhard Budin, Zita Krajcso, Arle Lommel 143-155
Welcome to the Real World: Professional-Level Translator Certification PDF
Geoffrey S Koby, Gertrud G Champe 156-173
Certification and Job Task Analysis (JTA): Establishing Validity of Translator Certification Examinations PDF
Geoffrey S. Koby, Alan K. Melby 174-210
Signal Jamming in the Translation Market and the Complementary Roles of Certification and Diplomas in Developing Multilateral Signaling Mechanisms PDF
Andy L. J. Chan 211-221

Invited Commentary

Alternatives to Certification PDF
Arle Richard Lommel 222-234


Sela-Sheffy, R. and Shlesinger, M. (Eds.) (2011). Identity and status in the translational professions PDF
Gertrud G Champe 235-236