Translators' experiences of occupational stress and job satisfaction


  • Jennifer Courtney Dublin City University
  • Mary Phelan Dublin City University


freelance translators, in-house translators, job demands, job satisfaction, occupational stress, translator psychology


While empirical evidence suggests that interpreters experience high levels of both occupational stress and job satisfaction, there has been little research on the experience of translators. Using a quantitative questionnaire consisting of seven questions, this participant-based study measures the self-perceived occupational stress and job satisfaction levels of 474 translators who are members of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK) or the Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association. Respondents experience stress due to factors such as perceived unfair treatment from agencies, poor remuneration and uncertainty about the future. However, as with interpreters, despite these negatives, respondents generally exhibit high to extremely high job satisfaction.