The use of a corpus management tool for the preparation of interpreting assignments: a case study


  • Pablo Salvador Pérez Pérez University of Málaga, Spain


interpreting, corpus, word list, concordances


This paper is about a series of experiments conducted at the University of Malaga as part of a PhD thesis with students from the fourth and final year of the Degree in Translation and Interpreting. The experiments were done in order to analyse whether the use of a corpus management programme in the preparation of the vocabulary for an interpreting assignment had an impact on their interpreting outputs. Our hypothesis was that the use of the programme would have a positive impact on interpreting assignments. To carry out a case study, for some experiments the students prepared the vocabulary in advance without the use of the programme, and for other experiments the vocabulary was prepared using the programme. The results from the different groups of students were compared to see which of the groups performed better, the students who prepared the vocabulary with the use of the corpus management programme, or those who did not use the programme.